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Software Engineer and Game Developer with an ever-growing passion to develop unforgettable experiences in Video Games.


About Me

I’m a Computer Science student, currently based in Guadalajara, Mexico. I recently graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. During my third year of my college studies, I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver and take a full year course on Programming for Video Games, Web and Mobile at Vancouver Film School.

I am capable of designing, prototyping and implementing new gameplay mechanics, AI systems, procedural generation algorithms, UI, and even VFX systems in multiple engines, and have experience with both C# and C++. I am currently growing my skills and abilities,  and I am constantly creating games and projects in both Unreal Engine and Unity. I am also gathering experience to expand into graphics engineering, and am learning how to use OpenGL and GLSL.

Throughout my developer experience, I have always learned the most from mentors and teammates, and I am always open to feedback and opportunities for growth.

About Me


Programming Languages

  • C#

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • C++

  • Python

Engines, IDEs and Frameworks

  • Unreal Engine

    • C++

    • Blueprint

  • Unity

    • ShaderGraph

    • VFXGraph

  • Visual Studio

  • Android Studio


  • Node.JS


  • Git

    • Github

    • Sourcetree

  • ClickUp

  • Trello


Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Multiple Unity Projects

Game Developer/Programmer

While at BGS, I was tasked with adapting to multiple developing environments, as the company was undergoing an unprecedented growth phase and had multiple projects in development. For me, this meant I had to develop applications for both Mobile and VR platforms, while engaging with both front end (for Gameplay and UI/UX) and back end (for databases and friends systems).


Undisclosed Unity Project

Game Design Prototype Programmer

At Unity, I was programmer for a team of talented up and coming game designers, creating and prototyping ideas to test their value as concepts for a full production reimplementation. As part of this team, we created multiple solutions to problems the production team was facing, and presented these solutions to later be iomplemented in the final product.


Clone Duels

Lead Programmer/Technical Artist/Tool Developer

To finish the program at VFS, we are tasked with developing a full game in the span of 13 weeks. To achieve this, me and my team decided to develop Clone Duels, a 3D Top-down twin stick dungeon crawler where 2 players compete against each other to reach the end of copies of the same dungeon, gathering power ups in the process and fighting each other once they reach the end.


Undead Summer

Gameplay Programmer

During Term 3 at VFS, we were tasked with creating our first video game in the span of a single month. This video game had lower scope than the final project, but still needed to be a feature complete experience. To do so, my team and I decided to create Undead Summer, a 3D top down tower defense game where the player must defend their RV from the massive horde of zombies coming to eat them and their family.

Other Projects


Android and iOS ToDo List application made to practice with both development environments. Both feature persistence.

Angry Pigs

Angry Birds tribute game using Box2D physics engine, programmed in Javascript with client server communication through Node.js.

And More...

I keep my most of my projects on Github, feel free to hop in and check them out!

Other Projects


Tel: +52 33 3452 8622

Guadalajara, Mexico
Open to move for work
Open to remote work

Contact Me
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